DA-CON started as a dream about 15 years ago. Now it is a full blown job! We design, build and configure PC compatible computers for Commercial and Personal use. We offer a wide range of services from consulting to networking to web page design. With over 20 years in the industry, we offer the most comprehensive technical support for IBM PC Compatible computers in the area.

Sadly, DA-CON closed it's doors on 31 Dec 96. As a professional computer jack-of-all-trades, I will remain in the industry in some capacity. At this time, I'm currently not working for any specific entity but am handling support calls from clients I have been doing jobs for over the past years. Believe it or not, I'm doing, basically, what I've wanted to do all along... working on machines, building and repairing them for our clients. With my 25+ years of training and experience, I find that working on the machines is very rewarding... especially when it's so hard to talk to most people about their computers because of their level of knowledge compared to mine. When I do find someone who can relate to and understand what is being discussed, I find that very gratifying.
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