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Today, Fidonet Net3634 covers all of North Carolina, USA. Originally, Net3634 was centered in and around Fayetteville, North Carolina, USA, and covered only three counties, Lee, Harnett, and Cumberland. Later, as folks flocked to the internet, we grew to cover the entire eastern half of the state while Net379 covered the western half using I77 as the dividing line from Charlotte all the way to the Virginia state line with all of Charlotte being in Net379. Since Net379 disappeared, Net3634 now covers all of North Carolina.

At one time, the majority of our membership was mainly military personel stationed at Ft. Bragg and Pope AFB. There were about 100 nodes or so until the internet came along. No one knew how or seemed willing to bridge the gap between the internet and Fidonet. As more and more people connected to the internet, more and more nodes left Fidonet. Additionally, seeing as how we were populated mainly by military personel, job transfers took many members away from us. Some of those members rejoined Fidonet elsewhere and others just weren't able to locate a network in their new location.

To join Net3634, read the basic process info here. We've also created an archive file, FIDO_KIT.ZIP, that you can download that contains the basic documentation and application files. The only other item needed that is not in this file is a current copy of the nodelist. You can get that for the most recent Friday here.

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