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folder iconFDIST/ Automated File Distribution Areas
folder iconFWAPPS/ FW: OS/2 miscellaneous applications
folder iconFWBBS/ FW: OS/2 BBS & mail handling
folder iconFWCOMM/ FW: OS/2 communications, terminal
folder iconFWDRIVRS/ FW: OS/2 drivers, including WINOS2
folder iconFWFONTS/ FW: OS/2 fonts and font manipulation
folder iconFWGAMES/ FW: OS/2 games
folder iconFWGRAPHX/ FW: OS/2 graphical items and utilities
folder iconFWLAN/ FW: OS/2 LANs
folder iconFWOS2NFO/ FW: OS/2 information, lists etc.
folder iconFWPROG/ FW: OS/2 general programming
folder iconFWREXX/ FW: OS/2 REXX programming
folder iconFWSYSUTL/ FW: OS/2 system utilities
folder iconFWUTILS/ FW: OS/2 high-level utilities
folder iconARCHIVER/ LOCAL: Archivers
folder iconBBSDOORS/ LOCAL: BBS Door Games/Utils
folder iconBBSLISTS/ LOCAL: BBS File Lists
folder iconBINKMISC/ LOCAL: Binkley Related
folder iconBUSINESS/ LOCAL: Business and Legal
folder iconDOOM/ LOCAL: DOOM Related Files
folder iconENCRYPT/ LOCAL: Data Encryption Programs
folder iconFDMISC/ LOCAL: FrontDoor Related
folder iconFOSSIL/ LOCAL: FOSSIL Drivers
folder iconGAMES/ LOCAL: Games of all types
folder iconGEN-BBS/ LOCAL: General BBS Related
folder iconGENEOLOG/ LOCAL: Geneology Related
folder iconGRAPHICS/ LOCAL: Graphics Related
folder iconINTERNET/ LOCAL: Internet Related
folder iconOS2/ LOCAL: OS/2 Files and Stuff
folder iconPROGLIB/ LOCAL: Programing Libraries
folder iconSOUND/ LOCAL: Sound Board Related
folder iconTELECOM/ LOCAL: Communications Related
folder iconTUTOR/ LOCAL: Tutorials
folder iconUTILS/ LOCAL: General Utils 'n' Stuff
folder iconWINDOWS/ LOCAL: MS Windows Related
folder iconMAXFDN/ MAX: Maximus File Distribution
folder icon
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