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folder iconADRENALI.NSU/ R50: Adrenelin Support file echo
folder iconADV_FTNS.OFT/ R50: Advanced FTN Software
folder iconAFTNBINK.D/ R50: BinkD - new IP mailer
folder iconAFTNBLN/ R50: The Blender Nodediff Processor
folder iconAFTNCRAZ.Y/ R50: New Software by Kirill Lebedev
folder iconAFTNFAST/ R50: FASTUUE for the FASTUUE en/decoder
folder iconAFTNGED/ R50: GoldEd Editor
folder iconAFTNMISC/ R50: Multiplatform FidoNet software
folder iconAVUNX/ AV: Anti-Virus software for Unix/Linux
folder iconAVWINXP/ AV: Anti-Virus software for Windows XP
folder iconBBBSUTIL/ BBBS: New BBBS Related Utilities
folder iconBBSLISTS/ ODD: BBS Lists (telnet, dial-up, or both)
folder iconBFDS/ BFDS: BATPOWER Bat Program/Support
folder iconBRAKE!/ R50: FTN-Mailer The Brake! by John Gladk
folder iconCH-WARE/ CH: Freeware and open-source BBS doors, utils
folder iconDAILYLIS.T/ ADM: Daily Fidonet Nodelist
folder iconDBRIDGE/ DB: D'Bridge Software releases
folder iconDDSBBS/ DDS: BBS
folder iconDDSDOORS/ DDS: Doors and Games
folder iconDDSEXTRA/ DDS: BBS Door Add Ons/Special Projects
folder iconDIFFLZH/ ADM: Current Fidonet nodediff in LZH format
folder iconDIFFZIP/ ADM: Current Fidonet nodediff in ZIP format
folder iconDOORS/ ODD: BBS Doors
folder iconEP-ADM/ EPF:Electronic Publishing Admin. files
folder iconEP-ASCII/ EP: Ascii PD Books and more
folder iconEP-MAG/ EP: Periodical Electronic Publications
folder iconFGAZETTE/ FGA: FIDOGAZETTE: Alternative Fidonet Weekly
folder iconFTRACK/ R50: FTRACK Netmail Manager
folder iconFWOS2ADM/ FW: OS/2 FERNWOS2 administrative files
folder iconHUSKY/ R50: File and updates for Husky software
folder iconI-ARGUS/ FIPN: Weekly ARGUS.TXT file
folder iconI-BINKD/ FIPN: Weekly BINKD.TXT file
folder iconINFOPACK/ ODD: League info packs
folder iconMACGAMES/ MAC: Games for Mac OS X
folder iconMACINT/ MAC: Internet and Web Related for Mac OS X
folder iconMACMISC/ MAC: Miscellaneous files for Mac OS X
folder iconMACUTIL/ MAC: Utilities for Mac OS X
folder iconNASA/ NASA: Earth & Space Science Material
folder iconNODELIST/ ADM: Weekly Fidonet Nodelist in ZIP format
folder iconOAPPCOMM/ OS/2: Communication software
folder iconOAPPREXX/ OS/2: REXX
folder iconOAPPUTIL/ OS/2: High-level utilities
folder iconODEVAPP/ OS/2: Application development
folder iconODEVSYS/ OS/2: System programming
folder iconODRVDEV/ OS/2: Miscellaneous device drivers
folder iconODRVSOUN.D/ OS/2: Sound drivers
folder iconODRVVIDE.O/ OS/2: Video drivers
folder iconOSEINOAA/ NASA: Daily OSEI@NOAA Weather Pic of the Day
folder iconOSYSCSD/ OS/2: CSD
folder iconOSYSCSD3/ OS/2: Warp 3/Warp server fixes
folder iconOSYSCSD4/ OS/2: Warp 4/WSoD fixes
folder iconOSYSDOC/ OS/2: Documentation
folder iconOSYSUTIL/ OS/2: System utilities
folder iconOUTLMMED.IA/ OS/2: Multimedia
folder iconPASCLNET/ PAS: Pascal-Net related files and tools
folder iconPASDELPH/ PAS: Delphi files
folder iconPASNDIFF/ PAS: DIFF-files
folder iconPASNLIST/ PAS: Nodelist
folder iconPASOS2/ PAS: OS/2 related files
folder iconPASPATCH/ PAS: Updates and patches for the Pascal
folder iconPASPOINT/ PAS: Pascal-Net pointlist
folder iconPASTOOLS/ PAS: Tool(boxes) and utilities
folder iconPASWIN/ PAS: Windows related files (Win XP + 7
folder iconPDNASM/ PDN: Assembly Related
folder iconPDNCEE/ PDN: 'C' Related
folder iconPDNGNU/ PDN: GNU related
folder iconPDNJAVA/ PDN: Java development
folder iconPDNOTHER/ PDN: Other Computers
folder iconPDNLANG/ PDN: Other Languages
folder iconPDNNEWS/ PDN: News Letters
folder iconPDNPYFID.O/ PDN: Fidonet related libraries and
folder iconPDNPYGRA.PH/ PDN: Python Graphics
folder iconPDNPYLNX/ PDN: Python i.386 Linux Sources/libraries.
folder iconPDNPYMAT.H/ PDN: Python Math lib. files
folder iconPDNPYMIS.C/ PDN: Python Misc. files
folder iconPDNPYWEB/ PDN: Python Web/Internet files
folder iconPDNPYWNT/ PDN: Python Windows NT/W95 Sources/Lib
folder iconPDNTECH/ PDN: Technical specifications and FAQ's
folder iconPDNUNIX/ PDN: UNIX related
folder iconPDNWIN/ PDN: Windows related
folder iconRAR/ RAR: Main dist for releases/public betas
folder iconSTN_ABBS/ STN: Member Written BBS/Util Software Releases
folder iconSTN_LIST/ STN: St. Louis nodelists
folder iconSTN_OLIS.T/ STN: Pointlists, Information Packs, Etc.
folder iconSTN_REGI.ON/ STN: All Region nodelist segment files
folder iconUTILLNX/ UTIL: Linux utilities
folder iconUTILNET/ UTIL: DOS End User Utilities
folder iconVADV/ VNet: VBBS/VADV Scripts, Mods and Updates
folder iconWIN_GAME/ WIN_FDN: Games and Educational.
folder iconXOFCELIS.T/ R50: Current R50 Russian Echo list
folder iconXOFCFELS.T/ R50: Current R50 Russian file echo list
folder iconXOFCHUBS.LST/ R50: Official ECHO for FECHO HUB info R50, R50C
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