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Download RemoteAccess v2.62 BBS Software and set up your own full fledged DOS style BBS.

Visit the author's site, RemoteAccesstm Central.

Visit the RemoteAccess section of Mike Ehlert's site, Pacific Coast Micro.

RemoteAccess related file areas on Waldo's Place USA

/FILES/FDIST/SDSRA SDS: For RA and related Utilities

RemoteAccess Documentation

The available documentation for RemoteAccess still stands at that released for RA v2.52. There is a what's new file that brings some things up to date. Below are those documents and the documentation for the binary files areas databases. These are here so that you may have access to them for support and also for translation into other languages.

In the past, we have used the services of SYSTRAN for language translation and their stuff seems to work decently well. You may also want to try the services of We are not affiliated with or customers of SYSTRAN or We only provide the links for those of you who would like to translate text written in one language to another. We cannot guarantee that you will successfully translate these or any other documents with either of these or any other translation service. You may find it easier to locate someone who speaks english and your chosen language and ask them to do the translation for you. You may also find that method to be more accurate than the output generated by machine translators.


Historical Archives of RemoteAccess BBS Software

RA_001.ZIP 24 Jan 1990 RemoteAccess BBS v0.01
RA_002.ZIP 11 Feb 1990 RemoteAccess BBS v0.02
RA_003.ZIP 30 Apr 1990 RemoteAccess BBS v0.03
RA_004A.ZIP 31 Jul 1990 RemoteAccess BBS v0.04a
RA_100.ZIP 16 Feb 1991 RemoteAccess BBS v1.00
RA_101.ZIP 24 Apr 1991 RemoteAccess BBS v1.01
RA_110.ARJ 05 Nov 1991 RemoteAccess BBS v1.10
RA_111.ARJ 25 Jan 1992 RemoteAccess BBS v1.11
RA_200.ARJ 18 Aug 1993 RemoteAccess BBS v2.00
RA_201.ARJ 22 Sep 1993 RemoteAccess BBS v2.01
RA_202.ARJ 22 Jun 1994 RemoteAccess BBS v2.02
RA_250.ARJ 01 May 1996 RemoteAccess BBS v2.50 - last version of RA released by Andrew Milner.
RA_252.ZIP 24 Jan 1998 RemoteAccess BBS v2.52 - ShareWare - Clerical upgrade from 2.50. Reflects the change in ownership of the code and rights from Andrew Milner to Bruce Morse.
RA_261SW.ZIP 15 May 2000 RemoteAccess BBS v2.61 - Shareware
RA_262SW.ZIP 10 Aug 2000 RemoteAccess BBS v2.62.1 - Shareware
This is the long awaited y2k upgrade to RemoteAccess Shareware. In addition to finalizing Year 2000 compliance (which uses the full four digit year) there are some additional features. Be sure to read the WHATSNEW.TXT file.
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