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            === RemoteAccess - Shareware and RA/Pro ===
                 === What's New in Version 2.62 ===
                        == July 16, 2000 ==

This text file describes ALL the changes made in RemoteAccess since
Version 2.50 & 2.52. I have attempted to break down the list to
make it easier for you to spot changes that effect your system.

Some are bug fixes and others are Suggestions from various Sysops.



  - Now you can insert a new entry into the limits file copied
    from an existing area!  To do this, follow the these

        1) Enter RACONFIG -> MANAGER -> LIMITS.
        2) Highlight the selection to copy FROM.
        3) Press <ENTER> to bring up the details.
        4) Change the SECURITY setting to the NEW value
           you are copying TO.
        5) Make the desired changes.
        6) Press <ESC> (changes are automatically saved).
        7) Exit RACONFIG.

    Steps 2 thru 6 may be repeated for as many selections as
    you wish to add.  MAKE SURE you REVISE the security value
    for each new entry, otherwise you will create unexpected


  - Added feature to display additional welcome screens after
    WELCOME2.  Their names would be WELCOME2, WELCOME3, WELCOME4
    & WELCOME5 and would be displayed after WELCOME1 and in that

  - Added ability to disable "automatic capitalization" of the
    User's logon names.  Internal processing of user name and
    handle remains "case insensitive."

  - As has been requested by several sysops, you now have language
    prompts to select the "hot key" for the logoff countdown.  If
    the chosen character is not punctuation, it MUST be UPPERCASE
    in the Language file or the feature will NOT work.

      Prompt#   Chararacter     Function
       674          S           Stop Countdown and stay on-line
       675          !           Logoff Immediately

  - Added the ability to SPECIFY the use 4-digit year format in 
    the DOOR.SYS file when doing a type-7 exit.  To do this add 
    the parameter "*K" to the optional parameters line to set 
    the date format to MM-DD-YYYY. The absence of the "*K" 
    parameter forces the date format to the original style of 

    For a Type-15 exit, be sure and put the error-level exiting
    with FIRST in the Optional Parameters line!
    The DEFAULT format is MM-DD-YY and is reset to this each time
    when returning to RemoteAccess.

    //  CAUTION  //

    If the 3rd party utility is not prepared for the Y2K date 
    formats in the DOOR.SYS file, undesirable and/or unpredictable 
    results may occur.

    Y2k Date Coding Information is automatically included within 
    the EXITINFO.BBS file (see below for some additional information)
    for all flavors of RA version 2.62.

  - Added ability to create a 'canned' "message to sysop" when a user
    uploads a file using the slash character ('/') in the first 
    location of the description.  Message is addressed to "sysop", 
    from the user who made the upload and uses same message board as 
    defined for the Failed Password Attempt message.  Text is as 
    created in a *NEW* SYSFILE.MSG text file.  The file "SYSFILE.MSG" 
    must exist for this feature to work (see information on "Failed 
    Password Attempt" message for particulars).

  - Revised the "Search for New files" routine to not only
    consider the date of the last login but also the time.  When
    selecting another date for "new files" the search routine will
    still use the user's LAST TIME LOGGED ON. The time of "00:00"
    (previously used for file searches), is the default time option
    for the "new users'" "New Files" search and if a different date
    is entered than the "last logon" for existing users.


  - RAMGR now properly exports long file descriptions to the
    FILES.BBS file.

  - Revised displayed date format to 'DD-Mmm-YYYY' in RAMGR.

  - EXITINFO.BBS file structure changed (but not the size) for
    y2k compatible programs. The original file structure was
    maintained for programs not yet made y2k compatible.
    The effected date formats that have not already been
    addressed are split using the MM-DD-KCYY technique - that
    is, the MM-DD-YY are stored as before (in the same locations
    and the same format) but the 'KC' data is stored elsewhere
    in that record within a previously unused area of the file 
    and is documented in the Structures File.

  - When expecting long uploads and the "Freeze System Timer"
    ('*!') has been selected for use with the External Upload
    protocols:  The time for crediting of the uploads is calculated 
    as the difference between the creation time of the EXITINFO1.DEF
    file and the current time when returning from the External
    Upload function.

  - Fixed the problem with the internal archive viewer display screen
    that was cutting off the last two digits of the file time.

  - The new user's last log-in date now defaults to "today"
    and forces them, regardless of the RACONFIG setting, to ask
    them for the date to check for files.  The new default is now
    "today" instead of 1-1-1980.

  - Updated internal handling of all date functions to MM-DD-YYYY.
    Users still have the option of choosing and displaying dates
    with a two digit year, as in the previous versions as well as
    with the month name (i.e. "Dec").

  - Added "maximum value" information to the screen prompt as an
    aid when entering download LIMITS by sysop.

  - If a new user enters the same name as an existing (but
    different) user they can enter "NEW" as their password.
    The system would again ask them for their name and if not
    a duplicate, the system would then process the remainder
    of the logon sequence as if they were a new user.
    Language prompt number 60 needs to be edited to reflect
    that change by importing the revised default prompt
    -AND- the number of password attempts should be set
    to at least three or four.  This feature also works if
    "FAST LOGON" for sysop is set but requires entering the "NEW"
    command in two sequential password attempts.

REMINDERS (and selected bug fixes):

   When running RACONFIG after upgrading to version 2.60, you will
   need to edit _ALL_ the language files you have (or add later)
   to add the DEFAULT prompts for the following:
      #673 - 677 and
      #681 through end of file (added for y2k compliance).
   (Hint: Unless you have added prompts, look for blank prompts 
      on the screen where the default prompt is NOT blank for 
      most of them and update prompt #60.)

 - Modified the 2.6 UPGRADE program (2xxto262.exe) to allow editing 
   of only the subscription dates.  The User Name, Handle, All 3 
   address lines, comment line and old subscription date are displayed 
   on the screen to allow you immediately identify each user - and 
   use any comment you may have left for yourself for their new 
   "subscription date".
   For those who have selected this option in error, or who have
   completed all corrections, pressing the <esc> key will abort
   the subscription date editing and continue to update the users'
   files correctly.

 - To avoid further confusion, the upgrade program has been renamed
   from 20xTo260.exe to 2xxTo262.  This is because it needs to be
   run when upgrading from any version between 2.00 and 2.62.

 - Double Checked coding for *.Q-A files to execute Menu Commands
   Correct usage should be "MenuCmnd <number>" - notice the spelling
   of the abbreviation for "MenuCommand" - it is unusual and tricky.

 - Did some research on errors 2 and 103 - If NO Message Group
   has been defined, it will cause those errors. Only one group
   needs to be defined.

 - If you have an error 203, make sure you have defined the RA
   environment variable and it points to your system directory.

 - Fixed logic in "String to Unix" date/time routine. Which was
   causing the "New Files" problem.  You may need to update the
   dates using RAMGR and tagging all files in each area and
   selecting <ALT>+<T> (Touch file date) and either select
   the FILE DATE (preferred) or TODAY'S DATE.  This needs to
   be done ONLY ONCE.  Later uploads will have the correct
   file date in the database and the NEW FILES function will
   work correctly.

 - Due to the source code for RAMSG not provided by Andrew Milner, I
   was unable to modify it to be compatible the current version of
   RemoteAccess, RAMSG.exe (as it was written by another) is not
   included with this package.  Work is in process to rewrite that
   program but will not go into "high gear" until the y2k version is
   fuly stabilized and released to the public.



 - New users selecting date format #4 or #8 and are now able to
   properly enter their date of birth. Uses an all numeric date
   prompt than selected (but only for entering the DOB).

   Since I have been unable to determine where the "last time
   run" field in the EVENTS.BBS file is even used in RA, that
   file structure will NOT be changed by any RA program.
   However, should I finally locate where it IS used, a 25 year
   rolling window will be used until the structure is updated.
   Also, if IS used, the date structure will automatically be
   changed from "MM-DD-YY" to "MMKDDCYY" as previously

 - Now that a separate variable has been defined for each of
   the former 4 separate date fields, User's First Date, User's
   Last Date, User's Birth Date and User's Subscription Date.
   The internal format is MM-DD-KCYY and is used on ALL internal
   date formats by RemoteAccess.

 - Repositioned information in the Sysop Information Bar at the
   bottom of the screen for proper display of the Y2k formatted dates.

 - Contrary to other usages of the y2k date, the Event record
   "Last run" date keeps the same field size (as well as record
   size) and uses the format of MMKDDCYY - where MM is 2-digit
   month, K is the digit corresponding to the 1000 year place,
   DD is the 2-digit day and CYY is the last three digits of
   the year.  Example for February 3, 1998: MM = 02, K = 1,
   DD = 03 and CYY = 998 -- in its formatted form 02103998.


 - Now when you enter chat mode the system will blindly set "snoop"
   mode to "true" regardless as to what the previous status was.
   Upon exit from chat, "snoop" mode will be restored to the same
   status it was before entering chat.

 - Cosmetic changes in the "Waiting for call" screen.

 - Corrected the loss of sysop's "first call" date when the "Fast
   Login" feature is used.  My thanks to the sysops who provided
   that information to allow me to find the source of the problem.
   Since I did not use the "Fast Login" feature, that problem
   could never be duplicated on my system.

 - Corrected error in LogFile where month name was inadvertently
   changed to display the default user's language, while every-
   thing else in the log file was still in English.

 - The abbreviated "Today's callers" screen (menu option #51) problem 
   has been found and fixed.

 - The problem of the disappearing Sysop Date information has been
   found and fixed.

 - It looks like I found and most importantly FIXED the "no
   new Hudson Mail" during logon bug. If it rears its nasty head 
   again, let me know. But remember, During login - it is looking
   for messages ADDRESSED TO _YOU_!

 - Removed extra spaces at end of displayed dates (found display 
   of "^FF" had picked up some extra spaces during the 2.60 beta 
   cycle). So now all date formats (there are now 8) will display 

 - Made some slight modifications to the upgrade program.  If you
   have double Y's and N's at the end of some of the prompts in your
   language files, the upgrade utility should make those disappear.

 - Fixed Logic in presenting various dates in "user selected"
   date formats.

 - Had a Network Failure in the BBS/development system that put
   the y2k program task "on hold" until it was resolved.  It turned
   out to be a defective network card on the primary server.

 - Added the ability to select default areas and groups for new
   Users.  In particular "New Users' Default File area, New Users'
   Default File Group and New Users' Default Message Area.

 - Added code to not only check for files since the date of the
   user's last logon, but from the TIME of their last logon as well.
   However, when entering a date other than your last logon, midnight
   will be used for the time value.

 - Investigated, without success, the possible source of "private"
   Netmail messages being improperly available to other users. It
   looks more of a 3rd party problem than one with RA. However,
   I will keep my eyes open for anything I might have missed.
   that is, a problem with the "off-line reader" not coding the 
   message correctly as "private."  -Or- attempting to post a
   private message in a "public messages only" echo.

 - Found and fixed the source of the error 100 problem.

 - Modified the code to force the User status (menu item 52)
   to "browsing" anytime a menu item #1 (GOTO menu) is executed.
   Which should solve the problem of browsing/downloading mystery.
   KEEP IN MIND that this will create additional updates to the
   USERON file (used in multiline operation).

 - The problem of double user entries when using the NEWUSER.Q-A
   has been fixed.

 - There were reports of some of the Questionnaire functions
   not working correctly.  Researched that problem and applied
   fixes for that problem.

 - The bug in JAM message search routines now properly skips deleted

 - Added code to check for known problem of deleting files in the root
   directory if the temporary directories are not specified correctly.  
   The system will now abort & exit from the deletion procedure after 
   entering a configuration error message in the log file without 
   deleting any files in either the c:\ or d:\ [root] directories.

Bruce Morse
RemoteAccess Central

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