The OS/2 Procedures Language 2/REXX

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The OS/2* Procedures Language 2/REXX (referred to as REXX for the rest of this information) is designated as the Systems Application Architecture* Procedures Language for the Office Vision family of products and the OS/2 operating system. It was designed to make programming easier to write and debug. High-quality programming can now be achieved using common English words in a natural syntax flow that both beginning and experienced programmers can understand.

REXX uses a few powerful, general-purpose programming functions and common arithmetical abilities, as well as OS/2 commands, within a simple framework. Existing batch files can be converted to REXX procedures, with more power and function.

REXX files only operate in OS/2 sessions, must have a file name extension of .CMD, and must start with a comment line (/*....*/). As in batch files, it is not necessary to type the .CMD extension to start a REXX procedure.

This Information:

This online REXX information is designed to acquaint you with the REXX language, show you some of its features and capabilities, and give you a basic understanding of how it works. The sections from "Getting Started.." to "PMREXX" are written as an overview, stressing general concept information, while the sections on "Instructions" and "Functions" include specific information about all of the instructions and functions that are part of REXX. For more complete and detailed information about REXX, see the OS/2 Procedures Language 2/REXX Reference or User's Guide.

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