A Few Words About Telnet

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Telnet into the BBS side of the system with the JAVA-Telnet terminal.

Today, there are more options available than there were when I first created this page and decided to provide access to the BBS via telnet. This addition to this page is to bring the option of using a Java-Telnet client to light. With the Java-Telnet client, you don't need any other software. Just click on the button, to the left, and everything necessary will be downloaded in a minute or two. Once downloaded, you'll be connected to the system, automatically. The next time you come by, you'll click the button and be connected immediately. If there's an update to the Java-Telnet client, it'll be downloaded automatically. You don't need to worry about maintaining updates and such.

There are a couple of drawbacks with the current Java-Telnet client. The first is an annoyance, the second may never be realized.

  1. currently, the ENTER key doesn't seem to be transmitted.
  2. there is no method of file transfer ;-(

To handle the first situation, I've added a couple of methods of sending text with a trailing ENTER. The first is to just use one of the buttons on the right of the terminal screen when you want to send an ENTER. There are three of them, each just a bit different. At least one of them should work properly for you.

The second method is to use the "Send Text" input field at the top of the terminal screen. This should work fine for all input. Even hotkey inputs, though you will always have to click the "SEND" button. You can even login with via the input field but it does not hide your password when you type it.

Finally, you can just hover your mouse over the terminal screen and type directly in it. Just remember that to send an ENTER, you will have to click on one of the buttons on the right of the screen and then move your mouse back over the terminal screen.

Telnet into the BBS side of the system with your installed default telnet terminal.

If you are running Windows95, we highly suggest a visit to www.tucows.com. Once there, get the update to HyperTerm that comes with Windows95. The update provides a few bug fixes and one or two new features. One of those being the ability to use winsock and be a telnet application.

Here is how in 10 easy steps.

  1. go to www.tucows.com
  2. select a server close to you
  3. select your operating system
  4. select the telnet applications area
  5. download the HyperTerm PE upgrade
  6. after retrieving the file, exit your browser
  7. install the update
  8. run it one time manually by going to start->programs->accessories->hyperterminal and answering YES to the question about the browsers. <whew> You may then exit HyperTerminal PE
  9. restart your browser
  10. come back here and click on the telnet button.

Now if everything has been done properly, HyperTerminal PE will start and be your telnet program. It even does ZModem file transfers -- with crash recovery, even! (you old time bbs callers will know what that means ;-)

If you are running OS/2, I am aware that ZOC can be your telnet application. However, I've never run ZOC and so cannot comment on it's capabilities. If you are running OS/2 and ZOC or another telnet application that has the same capabilities as ANSI terminal programs, please let me know and I'll see about adding it. Who knows? We may even put in a dedicated webpage about it instead of cluttering up this area <G>